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Washing machine pt.2

December 30, 2013

On December 22, 2013, the washing machine (LG top-loading, WF-T755A) was sad again. The last load, before going away, was washed, but still sitting in water.

Quick workaround

  • Remove the bulk of water by lowering the drain hose from sink-height to a bucket on the floor. Water drained.
  • Once the water was low, the machine spun remaining content. So, the control unit, water sensor, and main motor, are all still functioning.
  • Hang washing out

Digging in

Washing machine pump and motor

  • Remove power and water supply
  • Remove drain hose
  • Remove back cover (2 screws)
  • Remove 3 screws securing drain pump
  • Remove drain pump

Order parts

  • Ordered a new pump motor. Some supplier sites list a 30W motor, others a 5W motor. Ordered 5W.
  • Ordered a couple of lint filters while there; one of the old ones had a hole
  • Total cost $85 including delivery

Went away for Christmas week. Arrived home Friday 27, parcel was waiting.

Reassembled 7am Saturday, ready to use.


Along the way I remembered, and thought about the many people I met in January who live “below the washing line”, and even below the poverty line..


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